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Strawberry Wine

Strawberry Wine

As described by Cairn O' Mohr:

Medium Sweet, 13.3% (75cl)

Tasting Notes

Appearance - Whisky
Nose - Strawberry vanilla
Palate - Strawberry, apricot, gingery, slightly musty, rich and full
Texture - Chamois leather
Aftertaste - A punnetfull
Character - Breasts
Serve Chilled

A strawberry, staccato with a frothy, creamy style splurge. Nearly a pound of strawberries in every bottle. The singular, freshy, voluptuousness of the strawberry berry is transformed in to this tear releasing little heart breaker that dances on life like a tiara twinkling as it reflects the light of Io, one of Saturn's moons.

All of Cairn O' Mohr's products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Price: 7.95

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