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Elderberry Wine

Elderberry Wine

As described by Cairn O' Mohr:

Wild Elderberry rich and fruity. Just the sweetest little thing, bounding with rich fruity flavours like a deer bounding over the fields after being surprised by a man with a gun but it was only a stick. Dry at the end like a well you know.

Rich Portish Red, 13.3% (75cl)
Tasting Notes
Appearance - Black pudding
Nose - Curious
Palate - Smooth body, sweetish but well balanced with a good tannic undercurrent, no boring bits
Aftertaste - Lovely flavour and it's there till you brush your teeth
Character - The easy part of a good walk. Did I see a banana flying past? Surely not.
Serve at Room Temperature

All of Cairn O' Mohr's products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Price: 7.95

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