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Clever Currant Wine

Clever Currant Wine

As described by Cairn O' Mohr:

Some say sweet, some say soor 13.3% (75cl)

This special Cairn O' Mhor started out as a pure red current, however someone, colour-blind, off of the farm, had slipped in a couple trays of blackcurrants, so in they went too.
Blackcurrants have an insisting flavour in a blend. Redcurrants, on the other hand are more noise than taste and are not well known outside Christmas. The blackcurrant presence here gives this somewhat inarticulate wine it's charming personality.
It's all very clever.

They say cheese goes with wine, at least they did in the seventies. This one does. Cheddar cheese, a chunky oatcake and a chalice of this clever current wine, or just use a glass.

All of Cairn O' Mohr's products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Price: 8.50

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