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Celebration of the Cask - Black Gold - Glenrothes

Celebration of the Cask - Black Gold - Glenrothes

This Glenrthes Whisky was laid down in 1989 in a sherry hogshead and matured for 25 years. This Glenrothes bottling is part of a "Trilogy", along with a North British and a Highland Park that were given identical treatments as part of a single release. The sherry has imparted a lovely golden black colour and wonderful mellow flavour to the whisky.

Distillation date: 23/06/1989
Cask: Sherry hogshead.
Cask Number: 11192
Number of bottles: 266
Bottling Date: 31/03/2014
Bottled at Cask Strength: 54.8% abv

This expression is presented in a black wooden case with gold lettering

Price: 218.00

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